Tango Norfolk is a group of Argentine Tango dancers. Our group is run by dancers for dancers. We are friendly, inclusive and passionate about sharing tango dancing with others.

All our events will take place under our Covid Mitigation Policy (which is subject to change)

In summary, attendees:

  • Come at their own risk.
  • Must be double-jabbed.
  • Must conduct themselves such that their fellow dancers are reassured that the risk to their own health and well-being is minimal.
  • Must not attend if they have symptoms of coronavirus or ‘flu, or have been advised or told to self-isolate.

Please also note that we reserve the right to change our Covid Mitigation Policy, but will give notice whenever possible.

We are a group of tango dancers in Norfolk who love Argentine tango. We provide progressive structured lessons for beginners and improvers with local teachers, and some weekend workshops for intermediates with recommended international visiting teachers. We also have a Tango Norfolk group on Facebook where all our events, as well as other local and East Anglian tango events are advertised.

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Our Intensely awaited Intense Tango workshop by magnificent Solveig and Bogdan. Almost sold out, so get in touch soon!



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To get in touch with us email is best:
Our admin postal address is:
Tango Norfolk, Swan Cottage, Low Road, Norton Subcourse NR14 6SD